About Me

(in about 204 words)


I'm a 17 year old from Toronto making the most out of my short time here on Earth. I'm driven to solve problems and maximize my impact on the world, whether that be through reducing maternal mortality in Bolivia or enabling electricity in rural Africa. You can usually find me in front of my laptop figuring out a new concept or engrossed in a good read.


  • Finance and Capital Markets
  • Programming and App Development
  • Venture Capital and Angel Investment
  • Startups and Early-Stage Companies
  • Philosophy (especially Stoicism and the work of Nietzsche)
  • Quantum Computing and Quantum Machine Learning
  • Insightful Conversation and Building Communities
  • Personal Development and Life-Optimization

What I Listen To

What I read

Fun Facts

  • I love to travel and have been to 30+ countries in my short existence
  • I'm an INTJ personality type
  • I'm extremely curious and love to deep-dive into emerging technologies impacting the world
  • In my free time, I greatly enjoy reading, from the biographies of founders to the classics

Reach Out

I'm active on X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, and email, send me a message!